General Questions:

What is give2Grow?

Give2Grow-Phelps County is a 24-hour fundraising event created to rally community support for local charitable causes. This unique one-day fundraiser is being organized and hosted by the Phelps County Community Foundation and will be held on Thursday, November 17 from 12:01 a.m. – 11:59 p.m. Every donation made to participating groups, organizations and causes in Phelps County will be matched (in a pro-rated share) through a pool of more than $100,000 in funds provided by the Phelps County Community Foundation and generous individuals and businesses.

What is the goal?

  • To raise awareness of local charities, their mission and their needs;
  • To generate mission-critical operating funds for local charities;
  • To introduce new donors to our local non-profit organizations;
  • To provide a platform for local non-profit organizations to tell their stories and educate our communities about the positive impact they have in our lives.

How does it work?

On November 17, the Phelps County Community Foundation will host give2Grow, a 24-hour giving event encouraging charitable donations through our online giving platform, hosted by Razoo.

Razoo will provide toolkits, training sessions, outreach support, mass media and social media coverage to make it easy for all nonprofits to participate. Each participating organization will have an individualized web page to promote their cause. This web page can also be used for year-round online fundraising. Individuals will be able to donate money to the nonprofit organizations of their choice on November 17. All donations are tax deductible and irrevocable. (Donations will not be refunded). Donors will receive a receipt for their gift. The nonprofit will receive contact information for each donor, unless the donor elects to remain anonymous.

The Razoo Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization which permits donors to advise a re-granting of their donations to other IRS recognized qualifying 501(c)(3) organizations, will accept the gifts and will then re-grant the monies to the nonprofits selected by the donors.

How do I make a donation online?

On November 17, go to and search for the charity or charites you want to support. Click “donate” to enter the appropriate donation information. If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to Razoo’s friendly customer support team: 866-437-1952 or .

Only donations made online with a credit or debit card or at the Phelps County Community Foundation office on November 17 will be a part of give2Grow.

Can I make a donation in person?

Donations will be accepted at the Phelps County Community Foundation office from 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. on November 17. Checks must be made payable to the Phelps County Community Foundation with your non-profit organization’s name in the memo line. If you are giving to several organizations we will supply you with a form that will allow you to make contributions to multiple organizations.

Can I make my donation early for GIVE2GROW?

Yes! Beginning on October 17, donors will be able to make their donation in advance, while still having it count towards give2Grow.

How much of the donation will go to the nonprofit?

During the GIVE2GROW event, the Razoo Foundation will retain 5.9% plus $0.30 per transaction for Razoo Foundation expenses and campaign costs (including credit card transaction costs). Donors have the option to cover these fees during the checkout process, allocating 100% of their intended donation to your nonprofit.

Is there a minimum or maximum donation?

The minimum donation for GIVE2GROW is $10. There is no maximum donation limit for GIVE2GROW.

Is there a limit to the amount an organization can receive?

There is no maximum amount an organization may receive for GIVE2GROW.

Do I need an account on Razoo to donate?

No, you do not need to create an account to make a donation. However, if you plan to give multiple times during GIVE2GROW, creating an account means you only have to enter your credit card information once. Your account also collects your tax receipts in one location and enables you to track your donation, review the charities your support and schedule future giving.

Can I donate to GIVE2GROW on my smart phone?

Yes – this site is mobile friendly! Simply visit on your smartphone to browse all the amazing nonprofits participating.

When individuals donate for GIVE2GROW, who will receive their information?

The nonprofit organization receiving the donation will receive the contact information for the donor in order to conduct follow up communications, unless the donor chooses to make an anonymous donation. As the hosts of GIVE2GROW, Razoo will also receive the information in order to send news and updates about GIVE2GROW related activities. We will not share your information.

FAQs for Nonprofit Organizations

Who is able to participate?

All Phelps County non-profit organizations, (501(C)(3), certain government organizations and qualified fundholders of the Phelps County Community Foundation are eligible to participate.

Why should my organization participate?

  • Raise funds for your organization
  • Educate the public about your cause
  • Find and Cultivate new donors through the national conversation surrounding the day: media, advertisements, social media
  • Ability to empower your ambassadors to advocate and leverage their networks on your behalf
  • Reinvigorate lapsed donors
  • Convert check-writing donors to online donors

This campaign’s success will depend on our collective enthusiasm and implementation. We are asking nonprofit professionals, volunteers, businesses and citizens to bring their skills and experience to this effort.

What does my nonprofit need to do?

  • Call the Phelps County Community Foundation at 308-995-6847
  • For more tips, visit the Nonprofit Toolkit at

Is there a fee to participate?

There is no fee to participate. All donations on are made to the Razoo Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization which permits donors to advise a regranting of their donations to IRS 501(c)(3) organizations. 100% of your online charitable gift is receipted and advised for regrant to your charity. Razoo Foundation will retain 5.9% plus $0.30 of each donation made during GIVE2GROW to cover platform and credit card fees. The Phelps County Community Foundation does not charge any fees to participate.

What is the last day that I can sign up to participate in give2Grow?

The deadline for registration is October 3, 2016.

How can an organization receive donations?

The Phelps County Community Foundation will create a landing page for each non-profit participant. Once your page is created, you will be granted administrative access to populate your page with photos and impactful stories. This will allow all donors to have the opportunity to contribute to your organization.

Do you have video tutorials that explain the site and how it works?

Yes. You can view all our videos on our RazooGiving YouTube channel.

How will an organization know who has donated to them?

Organizations that have registered on Razoo can track donations in real time by logging-in to their Razoo account. Organizations will also receive an email notification for every donation. Nonprofits can download a detailed donation report at any time through their account to thank and follow-up with individual donors and tabulate donation value and number of donors. This .csv file can be used in Excel and is widely compatible with other spreadsheet applications.

Do I need to issue a tax receipt to my donors?

No, donations made through Razoo will be receipted from the Razoo Foundation and contributions made at the Phelps County Community Foundation office will be receipted by the Foundation. However, we do encourage you to send a thank you note to your donors letting them know how awesome they are! Please note, we ask that you refrain from thanking donors until notified by the Foundation. Current results on the website are subject to final review and verification.

When will my organization receive the funds contributed?

Donations, bonus grants and match pool grants will be disbursed no later than December 31, 2016. Funds will be disbursed via check along with a check from the Incentive Match Pool. Donations made to fund holders at the Phelps County Community Foundation will have their contributions deposited directly into their corresponding fund. Each organization will receive a final report in the mail.

How can I find out more about GIVE2GROW?

Stay tuned to this website for more information and detail as the event draws close.

Razoo can modify any restrictions or conditions if, in the sole judgment of the Board of Directors, such restriction or condition becomes unnecessary, incapable of fulfillment or inconsistent with the charitable needs of the community. As such, Razoo reserves the right to deny or condition the distribution of prize grants if, in the judgment of its Board of Directors, such restriction or condition becomes necessary.